Join E!’s #GlambotChallenge on TikTok! All the Details

Join E!’s #GlambotChallenge on TikTok! All the Details

In the above clip, filmmaker and photographer Cole Walliser, the mastermind behind the Glambot, explains additional details about the challenge, and, even better, gives some useful tips.

“There are two key components to make a Glambot a Glambot: number one, slow motion. You need to get a camera that shoots slow motion. Most phones will work,” Cole says in the video. “Number two, the camera moves.”

He continues, “It’s not a Glambot unless the camera moves quickly. You can rig up a camera swing, move it from a selfie stick, get a friend to do it—however you want to do it, the camera has to move.”

After following steps one and two, you can zoom in, add music, effects—anything you want!

Published at Fri, 17 Jul 2020 19:00:37 +0000