9 Things Guys Like In Women More Than Good Looks

While we know that in this day and age looks are important, it’s good to know that there are men out there who care about more than just looks. While it’s true that your looks are the first thing people see, your words, actions and character traits are what makes men fall in love with you. Let’s talk about 9 things guys like in women more than good looks.

1. A Good Listener
There’s a stereotype that women talk a lot, but men talk even more. So they appreciate a good listener. I’m not saying you should laugh at their every joke and constantly agree with them, but in those rare moments when your guy is sharing some feelings and having a profound conversation, they will really appreciate a girl who’s a good listener.

2. Spontaneity
Being a great planner is always a good thing. You’ll never be late, always know what you’re wearing to that special event, and your friends will forever be impressed with your bullet journaling skills. However, being spontaneous once in awhile has it’s advantages. So next time your boyfriend suggests a weekend getaway – take him up on his offer. You’ll have the time of your life

3. A Good Cook
A way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. While that’s true, being a chef is not easy, especially in our modern day life, when everyone has a job and no time to cook. The good news is that guys don’t really care about fancy cuisine. If you can make a killer grilled cheese sandwich they’ll be happy. If you can cook a couple of easy tasty meals – you’re golden.