10 Great Movies About Great Women You Should Definitely Watch

There’s a lot of great women throughout history and not enough of their stories are told in the movies. So when you do get a rare opportunity to see a movie about a great woman – you should definitely jump at it. Today, let’s talk about the 10 great movies about great women you should definitely watch.

1. Diana (2013), Princess Diana by Naomi Watts
Diana, Princess of Wales was a kind, passionate, interesting woman. She was known for her charity work and will to make the world a better place. It seems like she was loved by all, except the royal family. Her death was a cause of great sadness across Britain and the world. This movie depicts the last 2 years of Diana’s life, her divorce with Prince Charles, her life with Dr Hasnat Khan and her famous campaign against the use of landmines.

2. Alexander (2004), Queen Olympias by Angelina Jolie
Straight from the title you might think this isn’t exactly a movie about a great woman, after all it’s called Alexander. And you’d be right, it’s a movie about the life of Alexander the Great, who was possibly the greatest military leader to have ever lived. He did manage to conquer most of the world during his reign. But here’s the twist, his mother Olympias was a very interesting character. She actually did some very questionable things in her time in order to secure her son’s success. As you know, behind every powerful man there’s a very smart woman.