Types of Candies

Candies have come a long way since their inception days. Modern day candies incorporate a wide variety of confections and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, flavors and types. With such a wide variety it’s sometimes tricky to attribute a candy to one specific type.

However, majority of the candies, particularly the popular ones can be placed in a type. So what are the types of candies?

Hard Candy: Hard candy has been a favorite since the time it was first produced (around 17th century). Originally, hard candy was used for medicinal purpose to mask the sometimes bitter flavor of medicines. But when it was understood that they can be better used to satisfy people’s sweet tooth than just use them for medicines, their popularity as a confectionery began growing exponentially. Hard candies come in a variety of flavors, shapes and colors and they can even be used in a wide array of ways for festivities and events. Some of the popular hard candies are, Root Beer Barrels, Runts, Rock Candy, Werther’s Original, Candy Cane, Candy Sticks etc.

Jelly Beans: Another very popular type of candy is jelly bean. Jelly bean is a small bean shaped candy which has a slightly hard outer shell and soft chewy inner jelly. Jelly beans come in a multitude of flavors and colors. The world renowned Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are an example of the same with over fifty official flavors and additional ‘rookie’ flavors. Due to their various colors, jelly beans can be used in various color combinations for loads of events and parties.

Jawbreakers: Jawbreaker is a type of hard candy but it has become a ‘type’ of candy due to its popularity. Jawbreakers or Gobstoppers as they are known in UK, simply have the intention of stuffing the mouth with a big ball of candy that you cannot bite into. Some jawbreakers are so hard that trying to bite into them can actually break your teeth. So you have to lick/dissolve them layer by layer where each layer can have different color and/or flavor like the Atomic Fireballs. But be cautious though, some jawbreakers can take days or even weeks to dissolve completely. Maybe that’s where Willy Wonka’s (Nestle) Everlasting Gobstoppers got their name. Due to their long-lastingness, jawbreakers can put your dental health in jeopardy.

Lollipops: Lollipop is a great confectionery to tickle the taste buds. It is simply a candy mounted on a stick and known by various names like ‘suckers’, ‘swirls’, ‘lick-its’ etc. They come in various flavors and colors since many companies manufacture them now. Some even have different centers which can be made up of soft candy or gum. Some lollipops like Hotlix even contain insects! Some of the most popular lollipops are Chupa Chups, Tootsie Pops, Tulip Pops and Whirly Pops. Lollipops can even be used to make candy bouquets.

Gumballs /Bubblegum: Gumballs and Bubblegum are one of the most fun candies. Gumball is primarily chewing gum which has a hard outer shell that can be bitten into to reach the gummy, chewy center. The gum is softer than other edible gums and it can be stretched more. Gumball can form bubbles 20 times the size of the gum; hence the name ‘bubblegum’. They come in many flavors, mostly of which are fruit flavors. Lately, sour gum has been gaining popularity as well. Some of the popular brands of bubblegum are, Double Bubble, Hubba Bubba Max and Bubble Yum.

Chocolates: Chocolate hardly needs a mention. It is such a vast type that it has its own various subtypes. It has been around for more than three and a half millennia, with the Europeans revolutionizing it in the form of milk chocolate bars and creating one of the largest candy industries. Chocolates are confectioneries made from cocoa with or without other added ingredients. They are one of the most delicious treats and can be great for incorporating into almost any event, especially birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Hershey’s Bars, Kit Kat, Snickers are only few of the popular chocolates.


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